The 'Sleep Foundations' Online Program

The 'Sleep Foundations' Online Program

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The 'Sleep Foundations' Online Program

Join me online in a group setting to focus on the foundations to create a better night's sleep for your family. This program includes 4x zoom masterclasses over 4 weeks. As a holistic sleep consultant, I’m here to provide you with the tools and confidence you need to understand the foundations of good sleep in a zero judgement, all-honesty zone. No generalized commercial advice: Just realistic specialist education that sets you up for success and understanding. 

The online sleep foundations program includes:

-4 Zoom Masterclass Sessions over 4 weeks. We’ll go over the core foundations of good sleep and how this might relate to your current routine, and together uncover how even some of the smallest enhancements can set you up for success in the future when it comes to settled sleep. There is allocated time at the end of each masterclass for questions. You’ll feel empowered and ready to take on the next steps for you and your little one. Can't make one of the Zoom sessions?  Not to worry! You'll receive a masterclass summary to review if you're not able to make it!

Masterclass #1 Responsive Settling... Why it's so important (4/8/21 8pm)

Masterclass #2 Nutrition, gut health and the microbiome (11/8/21 8pm)

Masterclass #3 Timing, routine and regulating the body clock (18/8/21 8pm)

Masterclass #4 Environment, and creating calm (25/8/21 8:00pm)

-My Setting Positive Foundations For Sleep Guide PDF Valued at $45. Your new go-to for understanding the value of good sleep and how important it truly is to focus on sleep from a holistic level. This is the perfect read for moments when you’re a little overwhelmed and need to remind yourself that a. You’ve got this! And b. We all need to come back to the basics to continue to learn, grow and improve.


-Private Facebook group. Connect with other parents, and for live Q&A sessions for the duration of the August online program

-Option to add on a 30 Minute or 1 Hour 1:1 Phone Consultation. You can choose to upgrade your package to receive a 1:1 call from me at the end of the 1-month program to discuss your progress and give you some tips for the future.

Perfect for: Parents and carers who enjoy learning online and in a group setting. The safe and sound sleep approach focuses on neurological safety. To make sustainable changes that thrive on consistency, relationship and response. It doesn't matter if your little one is 5 weeks old or 5 years old; this course has been designed to cover different ages, stages and approaches to suit your little one. You and your baby/child don’t need to be in a state of disaster before you reach out. In fact, early advice and establishing healthy routines in advance may prevent issues in the future or empower you to take action with specialist advice when they pop up. Expecting parents are welcome to join too!

There is a limit of 15 families for the August intake, so if you'd like to join the program, click 'add to cart' NOW!