1:1 Sleep Foundations Package

1:1 Sleep Foundations Package

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1:1 Sleep Foundations Consultation Package

This popular option gives us the chance to talk about sleeping and settling in a focused and relaxing environment. It's up to you as to how you would like to be supported! We can connect via phone, Zoom, or you can join me in my space at The Centre of Healing Somerville to discuss how we can set you and your little one up for success. 

In my foundations package, we can get down to the nitty-gritty about how you and your child’s routines and environment assist or block you from mindful sleep and settling. As a holistic sleep consultant, I’m here to provide you with the tools and confidence you need to understand the foundations of good sleep in a zero judgement, all-honesty zone. No generalized commercial advice! Just realistic specialist education that sets you up for success and understanding.


The foundations consultation package includes:


-A holistic assessment. At the centre of all my work is a holistic approach. This means not choosing to focus on one part of your child’s life but how all the parts work together and function to create restful sleep. This means discussing feeding, nutrition, timing, environment and response during those challenging bedtimes. This is a zero-judgement, all-honesty zone devoted to one outcome: A better night's sleep for the whole family!


-1 hour consultation. This 60 minute consultation is your time for us to discuss and develop the sleep and settling approach that will work best for your child. We’ll go over the core foundations of good sleep and how this might relate to your current routine, and together uncover how even some of the smallest enhancements can set you up for success in the future when it comes to settled sleep. This is a great time to ask questions and get a huge boost of confidence from your own dedicated sleep specialist. You’ll feel empowered and ready to take on the next steps for you and your little one. This consultation will be delivered by phone, zoom or at my office the centre of healing in Somerville.
*If you’ve chosen a upgrade option, you’ll receive a 3he in home consultation 


-Your Personalised Sleep and Settling Plan. An easy referral for parents and caretakers to set up your little one for success. Don’t worry that the minute I walk out the door, all will be forgotten: This guide is created from scratch for you and your family, detailing my suggestions and advice for your child specifically.


-My Setting Positive Foundations For Sleep Guide PDF. Your new go-to for understanding the value of good sleep and how important it truly is to focus on sleep from a holistic level. This is the perfect read for moments when you’re a little overwhelmed and need to remind yourself that a. You’ve got this! And b. We all need to come back to the basics at times to continue to learn, grow and improve.


-A 6 week phone support period. To discuss your progress at an interval designed for you and your needs. Check in calls can be booked weekly or as needed to answer those burning questions and to offer support along the way


-Follow on Support. Create peace of mind by including additional consultations at intervals that suit you and your family, for just $75 per 30mins $125 per 1hr Consultation. Perfect to discuss changes or challenges as your little one grows and their developmental needs change or if you’re welcoming a new addition to the family! 


Perfect for: Parents and carers who need dedicated time to speak about their specific needs and concerns. Like all of my packages, you and your child don’t need to be in a state of disaster before you reach out - In fact, early advice and establishing healthy routines in advance may prevent issues in the future or empower you to take action with a specialist advice when they pop up. 


Optional upgrades to the foundations package include;


-1x In Home Consultation within 20kms of 3912 & 6 weeks phone support for $575

*contact me for a quote if you live over 20kms away from Somerville


-1x In Home Consultation within 20kms of 3912 & 6 months phone support for $975

*contact me for a quote if you live over 20kms away from Somerville