Space + Comfort = Connection

There is a culture of independent settling being the epitome of success when it comes to sleep. But what is rarely spoken about is how to achieve this in a safe and secure way.

What if I told you that space to settle PLUS responding with comfort when your child needs you is a great way to establish a healthy attachment and connection.

Let’s unpack a little more... When you want space how would you feel being held closely? When you want comfort how would you feel being left alone.

As a parent or caregiver, it’s important to help your child or baby to organise their feelings. To be bigger, stronger, wiser, patient and kind.

But this isn’t the focus is it? The focus is around cry it out being cruel or attachment parenting creating children that do not sleep or cope without their parent or caregiver. Parents are divided in two, one against the other.

How does the circle of security connect to sleep? Many parents ask me. When you really think about it it’s simply about you, your child and tuning in to their emotional needs.

You won’t always get it right, but if you’re able to help your child to organise their feelings most of the time the result will be more secure, confident and connected children.

And remember... there is no such thing as perfect parenting... good enough is well, good enough! ❤️

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