Sleeping Out and About!

Breaks to your usual routine are healthy for both parents and babies! It’s great for babies to be in different environments and for parents to connect with family and friends.

Parents often approach me with challenges around napping when out and about.

Think about how you can make your child feel safe, secure and comfortable. Here are some tips to help you-

Bring their swaddle or safe sleeping bag
Bring comforters/dummies
Bring white noise if you use that too!
Have baby nearby so that they can hear you
Expect that they will be a little more emotional, needing extra hugs, comfort and to sleep in your arms.

Have boundaries, if your little one is unsettled- often everyone wants to jump in with a solution and good intentions. If you need space, that’s OK! A stressed mum or dad often results in a unsettled baby.

If you need 20mins to put your little one down for a sleep, without interruption, make it known when you arrive.

Get a little practice- put baby down for naps in their porta cot or bassinet for the last nap of the day when they are at home!