The Great Dummy Debate

If you’re not quite sure about where you stand... Here are the pros and cons to using dummies!

-Dummies are easy to replace if they get lost or damaged. It's also important to replace them regularly as they wear out quickly.
-Dummies can help teach your child to self-settle.
-Sucking on a dummy doesn't usually affect permanent tooth position if it's given up by the time permanent teeth erupt.
-Dummies reduce the risk of SIDS.

-Dummies may disrupt your child's sleep patterns. She may wake through the night looking for her dropped dummy, which she'll need to settle herself back to sleep.
-Dummies can cause tooth problems if they are not given up before the permanent teeth erupt (by about five or six years of age).
-Some children develop a speech problem, such as a lisp, if she always has a dummy in her mouth while she's talking.
-Dummies can have a negative effect on breastfeeding due to nipple confusion
-Dummies shouldn't be used as a substitute to feeding.

My general advice;

Dummies are a known cause of creating setting issues. If you’re experiencing frequent waking overnight and short naps throughout the day- the culprit may be the dummy! You may want to consider ditching the dummy, and the earlier that it’s done, the easier that it will be!
First consider how you plan on soothing and settling your baby if you ‘ditch the dummy.’
Be aware that some children may suck their thumbs or fingers if dummies are taken away.

That being said, dummies can be a FANTASTIC tool for children to develop the ability to self soothe. They can also be a great substitute to sucking on fingers and thumbs.

I sit on both sides of the debate because ultimately it’s about what works best for you AND your baby!