Sleep Regression

Here are some helpful tips on how to support your child through sleep regression periods.

1. Remember that this may not happen to your baby, not every baby experiences sleep regression. If your baby experiences a sleep regression it will typically last 2-4 weeks.

2. A routine will help. Start with a bedtime routine, then work around your babies cues to establish a regular pattern for the rest of your day. Sleep diaries can help you to identify these patterns. *You can book a express or extensive phone Consultation with me to get some assistance in establishing a routine for sleep and feeding along with a ‘no cry’ settling approach.

3. Offer feeds without distractions where possible during the day, to ensure that your baby isn’t hungry and is taking a full feed.

4. Try to unpack why your baby is crying, it may not just be because they don’t want to go to sleep- Rule out hunger, check their nappy, if you’re becoming stressed take a break, hug your baby and take some deep breaths. This will calm both of you. Then try again to put your baby to sleep. Pick up on tired cues early and act quickly. This will prevent your baby from becoming overtired.